1. *Are you struggling with feelings of loneliness?


  1. *Finding it difficult having and maintaining relationships?

  1. *Do you feel like you have hit a roadblock in your  career?

  1. *Feeling anxious or depressed?

  1. *Issues with low self-esteem/self-worth?

  1. *Concerned you may be dealing with some form of addictive behavior?

* Does worrying keep you up at night?

These are but a few of several issues I work with in my Practice. 
They are not uncommon and you are not alone. 
I encourage you to take the first step by calling me. 
I am a licensed Psychotherapist and I counsel individuals and couples at my private practice in Larchmont Village.                                                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                          CA license MFC 45541